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Practical application field of laser cleaning machine

1. Laser cleaning machine is used in the cleaning of building exterior walls
The laser cleaning machine is used in the cleaning of black spots and stains on various stone materials such as buildings and stone monuments. It has a very good effect on protecting the appearance of ancient buildings and restoring them. The cleaning problem of the exterior walls of modern skyscrapers is becoming more and more prominent. The laser cleaning machine provides a good solution for cleaning the exterior walls of buildings through optical fibers with a maximum length of 70 meters. These pollutants can be effectively cleaned, and the efficiency is many times higher than that of conventional cleaning.
2. Laser cleaning machine is applied to the removal of old aircraft paint
The surface of the aircraft should be repainted after a certain period of time. Note that the original old paint needs to be completely removed before painting. The traditional mechanical paint removal method is easy to cause damage to the metal surface of the aircraft, which brings hidden dangers to safe flight. Cleaning with a laser cleaner can completely remove paint from an A320 Airbus in two days without damaging the metal surface.
3. Laser cleaning machine is used for mold cleaning
Mold cleaning Traditional cleaning methods include sandblasting, ultrasonic or carbon dioxide cleaning, etc. The traditional cleaning is to use chemical solvents, high heat, and then cooling to clean, which takes a long time and damages the accuracy of the original mold. The laser cleaning machine is used to clean the mold, which is easy to use, does not produce toxic gas, and does not affect the safety of the working environment; it saves time, avoids mold damage, and saves raw materials.
4. Laser cleaning machine is used for precise deesterification cleaning in precision machinery industry
The traditional cleaning method is a chemical method, and there are chemical residues. The use of a laser cleaning machine can completely remove esters and mineral oil, non-contact, and does not damage the surface of the parts.
5. Laser cleaning machines are used in cleaning in the electronics industry
The electronics industry needs high-precision decontamination. Laser cleaning machines are used to remove oxides. Laser cleaning machines are non-contact and will not damage the pins. The efficiency is high, and only one pin needs to be irradiated with a laser, which can completely remove oxides to ensure the best performance. good electrical contact.

6. Laser cleaning machines are used in the cleaning of pipelines and weapons and equipment in nuclear power plant reactors
The principle of the laser cleaning machine is to introduce a high-power laser beam into the reactor to directly remove the radioactive dust, which can be operated remotely and effectively reduces the health damage to the operators.
Laser cleaning technology is widely used in weapon maintenance, efficiently and quickly removes rust and contaminants, and can select the removal part to realize the automation of cleaning. The cleaning degree of laser cleaning machine is higher than that of chemical cleaning process, and there is almost no damage to the surface of the object. Parameters can be set to form a dense oxide protective film or metal melting layer on the surface of metal objects to improve surface strength and corrosion resistance.
The above is the analysis of the actual application field of laser cleaning machine. Laser cleaning is also used in automobile manufacturing, semiconductor wafer cleaning, precision parts processing and manufacturing, military equipment cleaning, building exterior wall cleaning, cultural relics protection, circuit board cleaning, precision parts processing and manufacturing , LCD monitor cleaning, chewing gum residue removal and other fields can play an important role.

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