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Which laser marking machine should i choose??

In the diversification of products today, laser marking machine is divided into many kinds, such as fiber laser marking machine, Mopa color laser marking machine, Co2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine. As the first contact with the marking machine of consumers, how to choose the most suitable machine?In many marking machine, different marking machine and what is the difference?Ji ‘nan long too numerical control technology co., LTD. Provide a variety of different marking machine, their differences and different applicable functions are as follows.
Fiber laser Marking Machine:
The optical fiber laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, air cooling, compact overall volume, good output beam quality, high reliability and maintenance free.The coaxial positioning system of this machine can accurately process fine materials, and the automatic alignment function of this system can greatly eliminate the problem of difficult alignment in mass production of fine materials.
Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used in marking metal objects, marking effect on non-metal objects is not good, and ordinary fiber laser marking machine is monochrome marking, and can not be colored.
laser marking machine
Mopa color laser marking machine:
MOPA laser marking machine is also called black special marking machine, because it can be easy to black on alumina and aluminum alloy, other laser marking machine is difficult to do this, which is the biggest difference between MOPA laser marking machine and other laser marking machine. MOPA laser marking machine is a fiber laser with direct electrically modulated semiconductor laser as seed source (MOPA), which has good laser characteristics and good ability to control the pulse shape.
First from the machine proofing effect and the scope of application to do the description.MOPA laser marking machine is suitable for fine marking of metal and non-metal materials.Such as digital product parts laser blackening, mobile phone keys, light transmittance keys, mobile phone shell, key panel, electronic components, oxidation, plastic marks, handicraft gifts, oxidation treatment and coating, plating and spraying surface treatment. The most important thing of Mopa color laser marking machine is that you can mark black, while other marking machines can not mark black, but there is no detailed requirement for marking materials.
laser marking machine
Co2 laser marking machine:
Co2 laser marking machine has Gas molecular laser, carbon dioxide laser is working substance with the CO2 gas, auxiliary gas such as nitrogen hydrogen and helium, xenon, due to the laser energy conversion efficiency is as high as 25%, reason often do output high power laser, carbon dioxide laser wavelength of 10.6 microns, is impossible to see infrared light, good stability, is widely used.
Carbon dioxide (Co2) marking machine is mainly used to cut non-metallic materials, such as glass, acrylic, wood, etc. Co2Marking machine for metal material marking effect is not good, so the main non-metal marking.
laser marking machine
UV laser marking machine:
UV laser marking machine it is a cold processing way of work, its processing accuracy is high in the light can be seen and infrared band laser, and under the same conditions, the shorter the wavelength, then the focus of the spot is smaller (the shorter the wavelength, then the energy of a single photon will be greater).Visible light and infrared band laser rely on thermal effect in the evaporation material on the marking, but ultraviolet light can directly break a chemical bond of the material, is the molecule from the object, the heat affected area of processing is relatively small, and can be very fine and special material marking.Because this marking has little thermal effect, indexing is also known as laser cold marking.
Ultraviolet laser marking machine has shown a very high absorption rate when applied to resin and copper, and also has a suitable absorption rate when processing glass.Only expensive excimer lasers (248nm wavelength) can produce better overall absorption rates when processing these primary materials.This material difference makes UV lasers the best choice for many industrial applications of a variety of PCB materials, from the production of the most basic circuit board, circuit wiring, to the production of miniature embedded chips and other advanced processes.
So ultraviolet laser marking machine is more suitable for marking easily damaged materials, can maximize the protection of materials from additional damage
UV laser marking

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