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Important Parameters for laser cleaning

Important Parameters for laser cleaning
Wavelength: Some wavelengths are heavily absorbed by some materials and others are
reflected.For example metals heavily absorb near-IR but reflect most of the Mid-IR but polymersabsorb mid-IR better than near IR.
Pulse width: The depth of ablation depends on pulse width(Thermal penetration depth,will beintroduced later)。Longer pulse width will have more penetration depth and require higher
energy per unit area(Fluence)to ablate the material.
Pulse energy: Rate of ablation will be higher with higher pulse energy
Beam shape: This defines the size of the imprint by the laser.For historical artifact cleaning withfine features,it must be small but for laser cleaping it could be larger(It could be a line of a fewcentimeters in length)。
Repetition rate: Higher repetition rate (keeping the pulse energy constant)will increase the
depth of ablation. It could also reduce the threshold fluence due to heat accumulation

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