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The advantages of laser cleaning technology in the cleaning of cultural relics

Laser cleaning utilizes the characteristics of laser beams. The laser beam can be concentrated into different sizes of spot diameters through the concentrating system. Under the same laser energy, the laser beams of different spots have different energy densities or power densities, so that The laser energy required for cleaning can be easily controlled. Lasers can achieve a high concentration in time and space. Laser cleaning takes advantage of these features to effectively remove contaminants. The pollutants are instantly peeled off from the surface of the cultural relics, so as to realize the cleaning of the cultural relics.
Features of cultural relics laser cleaning machine:
1. Wide range of functions: a “full-featured” laser cleaning machine, which can be used for cleaning cultural relics of almost all materials such as organic, inorganic and metal.
2. Efficient operation: It can be equipped with two types of laser heads, “point” and “line”, with unique advantages, stronger functions, and higher processing efficiency.
1) Point-shaped laser head: can generate a point-shaped laser beam with a diameter of 6mm (standard equipment);
2) Linear laser head: 3×11mm linear laser beam can be generated (optional). Small size, light weight, convenient for indoor or outdoor field use.
The cleaning of cultural relics mainly scans the surface of the object through the vibration wave of short laser pulses, so that the surface layer of soil, dirt, carbon deposits, metal rust, organic or inorganic impurities is pulverized and evaporated. While removing the contamination layer/aging layer on the surface of the object, ensure that the underlying substrate (cultural relic body) is not damaged or peeled off. Among the various technologies and methods for cleaning cultural relics and restoring their original appearance, only laser cleaning can achieve precise positioning and precise cleaning.

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