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Fiber Laser Cleaner- Benefits,Application And Comparation

Benefits of Fiber laser cleaner, its applications, and why Fiber laser cleaner is preferable as compared to other cleaning processes

Cleaning a metal surface is becoming increasingly important in modern manufacturing, so using a safe, efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly process is crucial. Well, fiber laser cleaning is at the top of the list. From medical labs to manufacturing plants, steel fabrication industries, and aviation, fiber laser cleaner is becoming the most preferred method for surface cleaning of materials.

Fiber laser cleaning machine is an eco-friendly process that helps to remove all types of contaminants from metals, including paint, rust, oxide, and other contaminants surfaces, by using laser irradiation. It is a perfect process for manufacturers looking to improve quality or ramp up their production capacity.

Advantages of fiber laser cleaner:

Traditional laser machines had some limitations, such as using media blasting (which is abrasive), using chemical solvents as cleansing, and causing severe environmental pollution. So to get rid of all these problems, there was a need for modernized equipment technology, and that was the adaptation of laser technology. It can provide high-speed cleaning and surface preparation in virtually all industries. It does not involve solvents, and no abrasive material needs to be handled or disposed of.

However, because of its not-ending benefits, fiber laser cleaning is becoming the most effective method of removing unwanted matter from the metal’s surface. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of using a fiber laser cleanser machine;

Money saving:

However, the purchase price of a fiber laser cleaning machine is just an investment; once bought, the machine can be used for an extended period of time without worrying about buying another one. Plus, the laser cleaning machine requires very low to no maintenance, and operating cost is also very low, which can save you lots of money. There is only a need to clean or replace the lenses regularly in later periods. This advantage makes it favorable for individuals and companies.

100w portable laser cleaning machine

100w portable laser cleaning machine for rust, dust, metal cleaning no harm for metal base


During the laser cleaning method, no chemicals are used, so it removes impurities from the surface of the object without touching the underlying material. Plus, no thermal or chemical strain is placed on the object, which results in contact-free and non-abrasive cleaning

Environmentally friendly:

The fiber laser cleaner process does not use harmful products that can harm the environment, such as solvents, toxic chemicals, or acids. It reduces the risk of contamination and exposure to harmful materials that can be dangerous to employees.

Very low noise is produced during the whole process, and all residues can be recycled. Also, the pollutant particles and gas that releases during the cleaning process can be collected and purified by the portable exhaust fan to avoid environmental pollution.

Online automation:

Fiber laser cleaning requires very little input from the operator, so it takes the operator away from the operation, which is good for safety maintenance. Because of its automatic system, the operator can also run the operations fast with a high degree of accuracy and the operation can be done quickly. This also results in a lower cost of the cleaning process as compared to other cleaning processes.

No damage:

As the laser cleaning takes a very low time to complete the process, this short period does not heat the metal surface and causes no damage to the substrate.

Low operating cost:

The fiber laser cleaning machine can be used for an extended period of time without any service. Its service life is about 100,000 hours. Plus, it does not require any consumables, which means there is no need to manage any sort of cleaning waste; hence, the operating cost is very low. The only thing that should be done for its proper working is cleaning the lens.

Cleaning of micro application:

The fiber laser cleaning machine also has the ability to clean inorganic materials and organic contaminants, including dust, metal corrosion, and metal particles, which can be achieved through a long-distance operation. This cleaning process can also be performed to clean the sites that cannot be cleaned with traditional cleaning systems

Ensures safety:

The fiber laser cleaning process ensures to completion of the process safely. The only equipment that needs to be worn before the process is laser protective glasses, which are necessary to wear for anyone approaching near the laser cleaning site. The operators do not need to wear special suits, gloves, or any other equipment, which can also save money.

Working principle of fiber laser cleanser machine:

The fiber laser cleanser machine ablates the oil, rust, and other substances on the product’s surface through the high-temperature corrosion produced by the laser beam on the product’s surface. The laser cleanser machine has a wide range of applications, and any industry can use it. It uses a high-energy laser beam that irradiates the workpiece, which makes the coasting of rust evaporate that can be peeled easily. This machine can easily remove paint, oil stains, rust, and product residues.

Applications of fiber laser cleaning machines in various industries:

Currently, the fiber laser cleaning process is widely used in various industries to ensure product quality. The following introduces the applications of fiber laser cleaning machines in various industries.

  • Laser cleaning in the electronics industry:

The electronics industry needs high-precision decontamination, and the laser cleaner machine is able to remove oxides. Before attaching the circuit board, electronic pins must be dioxides thoroughly to ensure the best electrical contact, and pins shouldn’t be damaged during the decontamination process. However, the fiber laser cleaning process meets all these requirements and completes the whole process efficiently.

  • Laser cleaning in the aerospace industry:

The aircraft’s surface needs to be repainted after a period of time. To repaint it, it is necessary to remove the old paint, and the traditional methods of removing the paint can damage the surface of the aircraft and can cause hidden damage to the aircraft. So it is highly important to choose the right method for this process, and there cannot be any other than a fiber laser cleaning method.

  • Laser cleaning in welding:

It is one of the many applications of laser cleaning that works to detach ferrous and non-ferrous metals, lubricants, and other contaminants from metal and aluminum surfaces—removing all these before the welding ensures high-quality welding.

Abrasive cleaning vs. fiber laser cleaning:

Abrasive cleaning that is also known with the name of sandblasting is a process of modifying the surface of a material, whether by polishing it, roughing it, or filling it. It can be used for various materials like metals, wood, stone, plastic, synthetic carbon material, etc. Well, it is an effective and simple way of cleaning the surface of the material. Well, when it comes to comparing both processes, fiber laser cleaning, and abrasive cleaning, then there are a few drawbacks of abrasive cleaning.

  • As the abrasive cleaning process uses sand, it can cause air-borne diseases, which is harmful. While there is no such risk when using fiber laser cleaning.
  • During the abrasive cleaning process, particles like glass powder, tiny steel balls, etc., can affect the naked skin when projected with high velocity. So the employees must be very careful and wear proper protective suits. However, in the fiber laser process, there is no need to wear any protective suit or gloves. The whole process is performed just by wearing laser-protective glasses.
  • Abrasive cleaning cannot be performed in a narrow place; you have to choose a ventilated area to prevent choking. In comparison, this is not the case with fiber laser cleaning.

Chemical cleaning vs. fiber laser cleaning:

As the name recommends, in the chemical cleaning process, the chemicals are used to derive surfaces and walls of equipment, pipelines, vessels, kettles, and heat exchangers of unwanted contaminants. It can only be performed by knowledgeable and skilled persons who have sufficient experience.

Plus, disposing of chemicals in the chemical cleaning process is generally very costly and difficult, which makes this process less efficient. Moreover, this process is also not suitable for cleaning the selective area of the surface and can only be used to clean the surface contamination from the whole part.

On the other hand, fiber laser cleaning does not use any chemicals in the cleaning process, so there is no solvent disposal issue, making this process more efficient and environmentally friendly. This process is also more suitable as it can be applied easily to the selective area of the surface.

Cold jetting vs. fiber laser cleaning:

Cold jetting, also known as dry ice blasting, uses frozen CO2 as a blasting medium. When CO2 hits the surface of the material, a thermal shock wave or voltage is generated, which causes the coating to flake off. However, this process greatly pollutes the environment because the particles that come off fly around at high speed.

Well, this is not the case when you use the fiber laser cleaning process because the particles that come off mainly evaporate, and the rest of the dust gets vacuumed right away, keeping the environment perfectly clean. Moreover, fiber laser cleaning is eight times faster than the cold jetting cleaning process, making it preferable for industrial use.

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