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Laser rust removal

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Rust – specifically in temperate climates – is a metal killer. You might wonder why it happens; well, it happens due to metal oxidisation when water is left to sit and rot in whichever crevice it can find.

When the metal is disclosed to oxygen in the presence of moisture, it causes structural weakness. As metal corrodes, it becomes weaker. However, to keep your metal materials safe, it is good to keep them away from moisture, but what if any of your metal materials get rusted? Will you throw them away? Well, you are not actually advised to do so; as there is a fantastic way of removing rust from the metal, and that is LASER RUST REMOVAL!

Can you remove rust with a laser?

Well, yes, of course; in fact, it does so more effectively and safely than any other rust-removal process!

Laser rust removal is the most effective way of removing rust from any part of the metal. Laser cleaning removes rust and other contaminants from metal without damaging the metal underneath.

Conventional abrasive or chemical cleaning solutions result in wasted or degraded surfaces. However, this is not the case with the laser cleaning process. It produces no waste and often leaves cleaned surfaces very close to their original finish.

Laser rust removal is an effective and great alternative to chemical cleaning methods since rust is removed with greater exactness and lower recurring costs. This process is not only good for removing rust, but it also improves the appearance of an item and extends the life of a product, which allows manufacturers to build a more reliable product. Moreover, it is also an excellent process to reduce your environmental impact.

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What is Laser rust removal?

Laser rust removal is the process of removing unwanted particles, including rust, paint, or other deposits from metal parts, with less risk compared to other processes.

In the past times, removing rust from any surface was very time and labour-consuming. It used hazardous chemicals specific to each material that needed to be removed. In some cases, the paint removal process by sandblasting can damage the metal underneath. Dealing with all these problems causes a high cost. However, laser cleaning has changed this all as it is a very cost-effective solution that reduces cleaning times as well as maintenance.

The laser rust removal process is the latest development in the field of rust removal, which quickly removes and cleans all types of metals with incredible speed. Using this process, you can easily remove rust, paint, coatings, and dirt accumulated over a long time. The laser cleaning machine enables non-contact cleaning and is very precise.

Why use laser technology for rust removal?

No matter there are many rust removal processes, including dry ice cleaning, chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning, sandblasting cleaning, and so on. However, laser cleaning is a new green cleaning method presently, and its number of advantages over other methods make it a highly demanding and effective rust removal process. Some of its advantages, making it a priority, includes;

  • The laser removal process does not need any chemical and cleaning fluids to remove rust. Plus, there are no exhaust gas emissions, which results in no environmental pollution.
  • It is not only effective for rust removal but also helps clean other types of pollutants from the surface of the material, which results in a high degree of cleanliness.
  • A laser cleaning machine can be used for a long time, not needing consumable materials. This process will only require a small amount of electricity, low maintenance and operational cost.
  • The laser rust removal process is safe and reliable and does not damage the operators’ health.

How does rust removal work?

A laser cleaning machine removes the rust from any type of metal by sending nanosecond-length pulses of laser light towards a surface. However, you need to be careful about the ablation threshold. Well, laser parameters can be set to control the laser beam’s intensity, and it is set above the rust’s ablation threshold but below the ablation threshold of the metal that is being cleaned. This results in a clean surface without affecting the base material.

The speed of the laser beam to remove rust depends on the thickness of the rust and the power of the laser. Like, high-powered laser removal can eliminate rust for the metal surface at approximately 50 cm2/sec, but if the rust is thicker, then it may take more time depending on thickness.

What does a laser rust remover cost? /How much is a metal cleaning laser?

Well, there is a difference in the cost of different laser rust removers depending on their quality of work and power.

Now the metal laser cleaning laser cost is getting lower with the development of laser technology. And pulsed laser cleaning machine is getting more popular than the CW laser cleaning machine; a 50W portable laser cleaning machine is only 3800 USD.

Portable laser cleaner
Mini handheld laser rust remover

50w/100w pulse laser cleaning machine starts from 3800 USD.

CW 2000w laser cleaning machine

Starts from 8000 USD.

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But in general, the CW laser cleaning machine is cheaper than the pulsed laser cleaning machine in metal cleaning laser.

Pulse laser cleaning machine: the price starts from 3800 USD for a 50w laser cleanser, and there are 100w pulsed laser cleaners, 200w pulse laser cleaners, 300w pulsed laser remover, 500w laser cleaning, which cost 9000 USD- 50000 USD. However, a high-power pulsed laser cleaning machine of 1000w is more expensive.

CW laser cleaning machine: the cost for a 1000w laser cleansing machine starts from 5500 USD, and there are 1500w -2000w laser cleaning machines, which costs around 6000- 8000USD.

What laser removes rust?

Fibre lasers are the most powerful rust removers that are gaining popularity worldwide. By using different wavelengths, they are getting more in use in industrial environments to perform cutting, cleaning, marking, welding, texturing, drilling and a lot more. This innovative technology is also used in other fields, such as telecommunication and medicine.

Fibre lasers use an optical fibre cable made of silica glass to guide light, which produces a more precise laser beam than other types of laser. Fibre lasers also have good electrical efficiency and low operating and maintenance costs.

Fibre laser machine also ensures;

  • 100% safety of workers
  • To includes mechanical components to automate operations or to facilitate the operator’s work
  • A fine-tuned laser process for a specific operation
2000 watt handheld cleaning laser

Can a CO2 laser remove rust?

CO2 can also be used to remove rust from the surfaces of ironic objects. It removes rust by sending a laser beam to the surface of an object (flat or curved). However, lasers’ output power is set in such a way that it cannot melt or evaporate the surface of the metal.

However, the main difference in the process of fibre cleaning and CO2 lasers is the source of the laser beam. In fibre lasers, the laser source is silica glass that is mixed with a rare-earth element. While in CO2 lasers, the laser source is a mixture of different gases, which includes carbon dioxide. Plus, fibre laser produces shorter wavelength, while CO2 lasers produce longer wavelength.

Can rust be fully removed?

Yes, no doubt, you can completely vanish out the rust from any surface. When you google, you will find hundreds of ways to remove rust. Well, if you want to remove rust from your common household, then you can use simple methods.

However, if you are looking to remove rust from bigger materials like cars, motors, or other metal surfaces, then you will not find any effective way other than LASER REMOVAL. This process will completely remove the rust from the surface, and the finished product will be similar to the new one.

What completely removes rust?

Fibre laser cleansing is what you should try to remove rust from the metal surface completely. This highly effective process uses a laser beam to clean the surface of the workpiece. Fibre laser cleaning not only removes rust but also improves the appearance of an item.

Does laser cleaning damage metal?

Don’t think of the laser cleaning process same as traditional cleaning processes, which removes rust by using a lot of chemicals, resulting in damage to the metal. However, this is not the case with the laser cleaning process.

A pulsed laser cleaning machine causes no harm on the metal surface because this process is non-conductive, meaning it’s safe for the material you’re cleaning.

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